Lick My Pussy

One of things guys tell me is their favorite thing in bed is licking pussy. That’s not true for all of course, but a lot higher than many would think it would be. This caller last night was telling me how much he loves when his girlfriend rides his face and really fucks his mouth, really bucking into him. He loves the smell and the taste, to say nothing of the giving pleasure aspect of it all. He likes a woman at the end of the day, not right out of the shower. The aroma of a pussy drives him insane, and right out of the shower of course will not have that scent or flavor.

The stiff little clit against his lips, the flick of his tongue over that juicy little bud that makes her shudder with delight, he knows that his tongue will always be sure to please her, his cock, maybe, maybe not, depending on the position and mood of the evening, but the tongue is the sure thing. He asked me how I enjoy getting licked and I told him I like to be licked from behind while standing up and leaning forward over the bed, since that position makes it stand out and from behind somehow always just feels better to me.

He was stroking his cock as he spoke to me and listened when I told him how wet I got and how I’ve tasted my own juices from my fingers as I masturbate, he loved hearing that. He said his face looks like a glazed donut when he’s finished going down on his girlfriend. He loves how she uses his tongue for her pleasure and she doesn’t always offer to give him a blow job in return, he’s a giver, and feels good just from bringing her pleasure. Sounds good to me!

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