Spying On Auntie

So many men are into spying on women whenever they get the chance, and always have bee. Even if it was their mom, aunt or sister. They were just horny and curious and any female body would do. This caller the other night was relating how when he was younger, his aunt stayed with them for a time after her divorce and he got many chances to watch her when she was unaware of him being close by. She’d be undressing and he’d be hiding in the closet, he was beyond bold. He knew her routine enough that he could get away with more outlandish behavior without being discovered.

He would watch her undress and stroke his cock in the closet. She would come home from work and undress and then shower, and of course once she left the bedroom to shower, he’d creep out undetected. His parents were at work when she’d be finished work, so he had it all down to a science. A few times she even masturbated, since she thought she was home alone, and had no idea she was being spied on with him in the closet looking through the keyhole.

He said she would undress and lay down on the bed when she would masturbate, get on her back, legs spread and work her hand over her pussy and moan softly and breathe heavy. It drove him crazy. He could hear the wetness of her cunt as she worked her hand over her pussy lips and teased her clit. Her tits would be shaking and he’d be stroking as quietly as he could. She didn’t masturbate often, but he got to watch it a few times, and he spilled his seed right on the closet floor watching. He said the intensity of his orgasms watching her play with herself have never been matched since. Something one sees decades ago can still have a very powerful effect on us all these years later.

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