I Watched Him Suck Cock

I have this roommate and he’s gay. He’s actually not around much, since he travels a lot for business, so I have the place to myself more often than not. Last night though he brought home another man. He almost never does that, he’s a very private sort. I had to get up for a glass of water and his bedroom door was open a few inches. He must have assumed I was asleep. I couldn’t help myself from glancing in, even though I know I shouldn’t. It was dark in the hall I was in, so I could not be seen. I saw him sucking on his friends cock through his underwear. He was really going to town on it and his partner was groaning in pleasure.

I was instantly turned on and knew I shouldn’t watch, but I couldn’t move. I was just riveted to the goings n in that bedroom. I knew I was growing wet, and I slipped my hand up under my nightshirt and began to masturbate while watching them. I was getting so turned on watching them. He pulled his friend’s dick out of his underwear and finally sucked it into his open mouth, deep throating him as much as possible. He sucked on his balls and slathered his wet, saliva dripping mouth al over his shaft.

I was getting close to cumming while watching. I know it was a real invasion of privacy to do it, but I was so aroused, I just couldn’t look away. I came as I watched my roommate suck off his friend I’d never met and slowly crept to the bathroom afterwards and then back to my room. He didn’t seem to know I’d seen anything, or he didn’t let on he knew. I could close my eyes and easily picture it, and did, as I masturbated for the next few days.

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