Do You Suck Your Own Cock?

One of my regular callers has been quite obsessed of late with other guys sucking their own cocks. He’s not flexible enough himself to do it, from what I’ve read online, only one to possibly three percent of men are able to do this, though I’m betting nearly one hundred percent have tried at some point in their misspent youth. What could be better than a hand, a mouth of course. If most guys could do this, many would seldom leave their homes, they’d be busy sucking on their own cocks half the day and night.

I can’t say I’d blame them, if women could lick their own pussy, many would be doing that as well, but that’s even less of a possibility than a guy sucking his own dick. Even a lady contortionist would be hard pressed to give that a go. It’s harmless enough, you aren’t asking anyone else to do it, it’s free, it’s just another form of masturbation really. It’s just that most are not thin enough or flexible enough and or have too small of a cock to really make it a realistic situation. Some have said on the phone they could lick the tip, but there’s no shortage online of porn vids uploaded by users that can self suck and quite a bit, not just lick the tip, but practically deep throat themselves all the way to the balls.

Even if one to three percent is the estimate, though how that estimate is gathered, I have no clue, that’s still a couple of guys out or each hundred, that means there’s still millions upon millions of guys that can and are doing this to themselves. Is sucking your own dick one of your fantasies? Or can you actually do it? Call one of our ladies and tell us all about it, we’ve heard it all before, you can’t shock us!

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