Threesome Birthday Surprise

It was my boyfriend’s birthday coming up and I wanted to do something special for him and I knew what he’d love more than anything. A threesome with me and my best friend. I knew he found her attractive, he’d told me so, and he never asked about a threesome since I knew he’d worry about me being jealous. I could handle it. So I approached her and asked what she thought about it and she was all in if I was. We were waiting for him as he came home the night of his birthday in matching lingerie we’d gone shopping for. The look of utter surprise and delight on his face was incredible.

We had a nice dinner I’d made and then adjourned to the bedroom. I knew he loved girl on girl porn, so my best friend and I did a sixty nine in front of him going down on one another. His cock was standing straight up at attention in response to this view. We asked if he’d come over and join us and he eagerly accepted the invite. My girlfriend lay on her back on the bed as he approached us. She took his balls in her mouth and began to suck on them while I worked on his cock with my mouth.

It wasn’t long until he came in my mouth and I shared the load with my friend in a French kiss as he watched. It did not take him long to get hard again and he fucked her doggy style while I was laid out in front of her and she went down on my pussy again and he could watch over her shoulder as he fucked her. He fucked us both and we all had too many orgasms to count. It was a fantastic birthday for him, and we had fun as well!

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