Hello, Dolly!

As more and more people are single, the rise in the popularity of sex dolls has them coming down in price and improving in their realistic looks. Not too many years ago a blow up doll that looked closer to a beach ball than a woman was pretty much your option. Some of the new ones, and they cost literally thousands of dollars, can be eerily lifelike. A Fleshlight is great, but a whole sex doll that looks like a woman is a whole different step, and a bit more of an investment. You don’t want the cleaning lady or anyone else to see you have one, either. That could prove a bit awkward and embarrassing for sure!

The number of guys that call using toys of one type or another is fairly high. Only a few have admitted using an actual sex doll, and the ones that did had the old style, cheap blow up ones I cannot imagine anyone being able to get hard at a glorified beach ball. As time goes on and the prices come down even more, I do expect more callers to say they are fucking one of their love dolls rather than their pocket pussy or their Fleshlight.

Do you own a sex doll? Have you ever called a phone sex lady while you used it to heighten the masturbation experience for yourself? Even if you spend thousands of dollars on a good one, in the long run it’s still a lot cheaper than a real woman. You could spend more on a getaway weekend that will be over in seventy two hours than you would on a doll that could last you a couple of years. The doll won’t cheat on you or lie to you or decline you when you’re feeling frisky. A real woman will do all that and more, so the popularity of them is understandable. Once they get them programmed to talk and have conversations and do what you want sexually once they are customized for your desires, they may become more popular than actual real women.

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