My New Vibe

Last week my boyfriend gifted me with a new sex toy. I always like to try new things and enjoy variety, so he’s gotten me several things over the course of our relationship. It was a nice rabbit vibe and he said he wanted to use it on me and see how much I enjoyed it. We went into the bedroom and I laid back and we unwrapped the toy and he had some lube there to get it all slippery with so it would glide in with ease. My clit was already stiff in anticipation.

He opened my lips like the petals of a flower and slid the toy in and I arched my back to meet it. The twitching rabbit ears played on my clit making me curl my toes with pleasure. It felt wonderful and then he started t move the toy in and out of me, driving me crazy. It was a very nice toy and I was enjoying it immensely. It always got him so horny to see me squirm with ecstasy, I could see his dick was rock hard and asked him to bring it to my lips. He was standing at the edge of the bed as I sucked on it and he worked the toy into me.

He loved me doing that to him and he soon made me cum with the toy. He was throbbing as I sucked on him and I got on all fours and he soon mounted me from behind and slipped his dick into me. I was all gooey from having cum and his dick felt so good inside of me. It wasn’t long until I could feel another orgasm welling up inside my cunt and I came all over his hard cock. He felt my spasming pussy and that triggered him to cum and I soon had his cum filling my cunt and dripping down my thighs. It was a wonderful night and I was so glad for my new toy.

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