Sensual Shower

I’ve always enjoyed playing in the shower, alone with the shower massager, or together with a boyfriend and having sex in the shower. Water just adds a level of sensuality to sex, so I’m always game for some shower play time. I had just stepped into the shower when my boyfriend decided to surprise me and get in as well. I always welcome the company. He began by washing my back and shoulders and then washed my hair. It always feels better to have someone else do it for some reason. Then he of course moved downwards with his attentions and soon made his way to my pussy.

I was wet alright, and I don’t mean just from the water, lol. He soaped up his hands and decided to not only wash my feminine bits, but give me a nice massage down there while he was at it. I took his hand and guided it to just the right spot, and his middle finger was hitting just the right spot on my clit, teasing me with every movement of his hand. I bit my lip and arched my back as he rubbed it over and over and over. It just felt so good.

I then put one foot up on the side of the tub and that made it feel even better. It made the angle change slightly and the pleasure was more intense than it had been. I tossed my head back exposing my neck, and he leaned down and licked and kissed my neck. I reached down and gripped his cock and gave it a good wash and stroke as well. We rubbed one another and were both soon having orgasms there in the shower. His squirting cum swirled down the drain and mine was rinsed off with the shower massager. It is always fun to have a sexy shower.

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