I Needed The Job

It’s never fun to have to beg, well sometimes it is, but usually not. I was thinking when a caller told me he was a boss and how he lorded it over others about an experience I had years ago. I told him about it and he came very hard. I was just out of college and really needed a job to pay my bills. No one was hiring. I had to sweeten the pot so to speak, so told the man I was interviewing with I’d do anything, and I meant anything, to get the job. I’d been looking for weeks and hadn’t so much as a nibble of interest. I was qualified, it’s just I was lacking in actual work experience. A real catch twenty two situation.

He got this look on his face and I knew he knew what I meant. He said he’d hire me if I fucked him. I knew this was going to happen, so I’d come prepared. Was freshly shaved and nice panties on. He told me to get on the desk. I did, and he took his cock out. I sucked on it a while and then he said he was ready to take my pussy. I spread for him and he pulled the crotch of my panties off to the side and slipped it in. He wasn’t overly large, so maybe he was just glad for the chance to get any pussy.

He didn’t take very long and he seemed happy afterwards. He said I would start in the morning. I said I was happy to. He asked if I’d be willing to do this a couple of times a week to make sure my job was secure. I nodded and said that would be fine, I was just glad to get a job and pay off some bills, if I had to toss him a bone once in a while to do so, that was ok. He wasn’t too bad to deal with, so I was willing to do this. The things some of us do to get a job.

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