Under the Summer Moon

Summer can bring out the naughty side of us, wearing less clothes, feeling hot in more ways than one. Recently this latest boyfriend of mine likes to fuck outdoors. I don’t mind, it adds an element of excitement to things. He usually enjoys the evenings, so it’s not like it’s mid afternoon with tons of people looking on or anything. I have a fairly large backyard and the neighbors around here are pretty quiet, and keep to themselves, so they don;t seem to notice our backyard exploits any. Maybe they even enjoy them and are just not letting on, I really don’t know.

We got a bit brazen the other night. We did it on the picnic table that’s out there. I placed a blanket on the table to avoid slivers, and he laid me back and stripped me down. The moon was full, so it was well lit had anyone been spying on us. His cock looked so good in the moonlight. He said my milky white tits looked just as inviting for him, and he started things off by giving me a titty fuck. Laying that cock between them and me squeezing them around his dick and teasing the head of his cock with my tongue each time he brought it forward.

He then laid me back and I spread my legs wide. We could feel the breeze gently blowing over our nude bodies there in the yard and hear the trees rustling. I felt his cock slip into me and stretch me open as his hands grabbed my tits and rubbed my nipples with his thumbs. I pulled him closer to me, putting my feet under his ass cheeks and pumping him as deep into me as I could get him. We tried to be quiet in case there were any neighbors out and about, but we didn’t hear or see anything. I came and bit my lip and as he felt my spasming pussy around his dick, it triggered him to cum and he filled me up right there on the picnic table. Sex outdoors can be fun, under the stars and perhaps being spied on, give it a try.

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