He Made My Toes Curl

Any woman who does not enjoy her pussy being licked is very odd in my eyes. When you find a guy that knows how to do this skillfully, you have hit the jackpot in my eyes. You don’t even have to do any work, just lay there and receive pleasure. It’s the best thing in the world to me. Luckily my boyfriend loves going down on me and fairly soon after we met he told me about his skills and I was curious to see just how he compared to other men I’d been with. He was right, he really was the best I’ve been with by far.

They should teach these skills in school as far as I’m concerned. Imagine the homework! I love to lay back, fresh out of the shower and all shaved and smooth and just lay there with my legs splayed open and wait for his kisses on my inner thighs and on my mons and he takes him time teasing me all around my slit before he even opens me up. Then that devilish tongue that flickers as quick as lightening does it’s thing all over my cunt and I’m so over the edge to orgasm after orgasm.

Feeling that wetness accumulate in my pussy and just start to ooze out of me before he’s even gotten to my clit is enough to make me go wild, he loves to keep me begging for more and I grab at his hair and push his face just where I want it, but he usually is one step ahead anyway and I don’t need to give him any instructions, he knows what he’s doing. He’s dipping that tongue into my wetness and tasting me, working that clit like a demon and slipping his fingers into me at the same time. I never tire of his oral pleasures.

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