Female Bodybuilder Feet

Now foot fetish is pretty common as far as fetishes go. Calls are very common on this topic. Not as common is someone asking for a particular kind of foot. Some like” cheesy” feet that are unwashed, others love a certain color of nail polish, usually red. A caller recently asked to talk about the feet of female bodybuilders though. When I asked why them in particular, he said they would have really smelling feet. All that working out would make them sweaty and stinky. Likely a real thing and appealing for ones that like really smelly feet.

To have them run over the face, be forced to suck the sweaty toes, the soles of the feet. I will never forget one man that wanted to eat the dead skin shavings off of a woman’s feet on top of his spaghetti like Parmesan cheese. That really takes the cake. Some men are very into the smells of dirty feet. One caller said he’d actually frequent yard sales in the hopes of finding second hand ladies bedroom slippers that might have just the smell he was searching for. The things men do in the hopes of finding that perfect sexual arousal trigger, in this case, for their nose, to find just the right smell that will make their cock stand at attention.

He didn’t mention a foot job like many with a foot fetish have, or to worship the feet, just smell and lick them. Maybe he spends time around the entrances of gyms or even inside if he has a membership himself and tries to pick these women up, but chances are if they are bodybuilders, they would be a lot stronger than he is and wipe the floor with him if he even made such a remark to them about desiring to smell, lick and kiss their sexy feet. He’d likely regret it.

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