The Cock in The Hangar – CBT For You

One topic I always find entertaining and a lot of fun is cock and ball torture calls. Many men would grimace at the thought of such a thing, but you’d be surprised how many guys are into it. One last night was wanting his big, black coconut sized balls put in a vise. I said we could make them as flat as pancakes. Then he wanted them cut off. They wouldn’t have been much use at that point anyway, seeing as they’d be flopping in the wind. No doubt permanent damage, infertile. Makes me laugh to talk about their insanity. I’m sure if anyone really came at them with a hammer aiming for their balls, his choice of a weapon, they’d run off quickly. I suggested a meat tenderizer, you know, kind of a hammer like tool with spikes on it to tenderize the meat. He liked my “upgrade.”

Kicking, punching, vise’s, no tool is too extreme for their pain. He was also a black guy, so he said I wouldn’t be able to see the bruises and all due to his skin tone. I laughed and said I’d be inclined then to act all the more harshly due to this fact. Funny how pain can be an aphrodisiac to many, but it is. Gets them going like nothing else, especially when delivered by a dominant female that enjoys inflicting pain upon men. It can be fun for sure.

Does CBT attract you? Many phone sex ladies really enjoy these types of calls, there’s a lot of humor in them and they call for creativity. Cock and ball torture is not for everyone, but if it interests you, there’s no doubt one or more of our ladies can help you and be interested to talk about all kinds of cruel and devious ways to hurt you, so call one right now. Let the pain begin…

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