My Friend’s Daughter

My friend’s daughter came to me the other week and told me she was attracted to other girls. She asked me if I’d ever had a same sex experience with another woman and I told her yes, years ago I’d experimented when I was in college. She said she didn’t have any bi curious friends, so she didn’t know where she’d get any experience or find any other women to play with. She asked me if I’d be willing to teach her and show her how things could be between two women. She’d had a boyfriend the year before, so she wasn’t a virgin, I told her I’d think on it and get back to her. A week later I decided to do it.

We were both worried about her mother and my friend finding out, since she would not approve. Even though the girl was over age, she just would not approve under any circumstances, so it was to be a secret between the two of us. She came over to my home one night and I’d made us a nice dinner, then things moved to the bedroom and we began to kiss and touch. I showed her how even though she masturbated, not all women enjoy being touched the same, so always ask what someone likes. Do not assume they like what you do. She soon mastered how to make me cum with her fingers.

Then we moved on to oral sex. I went down on her and she really seemed to enjoy it. She was eager to return the favor and did a great job of following my instructions. She came over the next few nights and we had all sorts of fun with one another, but I didn’t want her getting too attached to me sexually, so I told her now that she knew the basics, she had to find a friend to practice on, but I’d always be here for advice. It was fun to teach a young woman the ropes like that. Let’s hope her mother never finds out.

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