Masturbating and Thinking of You

When my man said he had to go on a business trip for three weeks, I wondered how I’d get by without him, so I’ve been masturbating a lot. We’ve cammed with one another and played while watching each other, but he’s on the other side of the world, and with the time difference, it’s been hard. I can’t wake him up to play because I’m horny, so I’ve just been going it alone a lot since he left. I know when he gets back it will be sweet loving for days to satiate our deep thirst for one another we have had building up.

I close my eyes and think of how I love it when he licks my pussy to orgasm and then fucks me until I scream. I love how he makes me cum until I am so numb I cannot cum anymore. I think of these things he does to me as I stroke my pussy with my eyes closed and tease my little clit to the point of stiffness and then I cum all over my hand. I’ve even recorded myself masturbating and sent him the video of it for him to enjoy when he’s awake, he likely is cumming to it when he jerks off when he wakes up.

It will be so wonderful to feel his sweet cock inside of me once more. I will not have had him in three weeks, so my pussy will have tightened up having not had anything in it. I love when he stretches me out, and this will be even more of a stretch since when I masturbate I do not put a toy or my fingers inside, just rub my clit. He will love how tight I will be for him. I cannot wait, only three more days until he’s home and we get to fuck again.

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