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Feet in the Face

I placed my feet on his face. My feet had not been washed for three days. He paid me extra for that. He inhaled their aroma and I could see the bulge in his pants growing by the second. I … Continue reading

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Female Bodybuilder Feet

Now foot fetish is pretty common as far as fetishes go. Calls are very common on this topic. Not as common is someone asking for a particular kind of foot. Some like” cheesy” feet that are unwashed, others love a … Continue reading

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Foot Fucking Phone Sex

Toes curling around your cock, and squishing your balls, kneading them like little balls of bread dough. To guys with a foot fetish, this is pretty heavy imagery. Lots of guys call about foot fetishes of one kind or another … Continue reading

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Kiss My Feet

Many a foot fetishist has feet on the brain during the summer months. After all, the ladies feet are out more than at other times of the year. I must confess, I usually only bother with painting my toenails during … Continue reading

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Ballet Slipper Fetish

Shoes are one thing that many men have a fetish about, shoes and feet. Some are very specific as to the kinds of footwear they fantasize about though. Boots for some, stilettos for many others. I recently learned of one … Continue reading

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