Foot Fucking Phone Sex


Toes curling around your cock, and squishing your balls, kneading them like little balls of bread dough. To guys with a foot fetish, this is pretty heavy imagery. Lots of guys call about foot fetishes of one kind or another and ask if I’d be into it. Well, it’s not gross or disgusting like some others want to talk about, so I’d be ok if a guy wanted a foot job, I’d certainly try it, but I think I’d be laughing as I did.

The thought of a guy worshiping the feet though, massaging them, even sucking on the toes, I’d be fine with that as well. I love foot massages, as most people do, so someone that wanted to lavish attention on the feet would be quite welcome. One the other day said he wanted to think of me walking on bananas and Twinkies, since it would be like cum squishing through my toes. I’ve heard of cam girls making videos of things like this for custom clips, that must be kind of fun actually.

A foot fetish caller a few days ago wasn’t so much interested in me gliding my toes up and down his cock, but just him cupping his hands over my feet wrapped around his cock and fucking them until he’d shoot cum all over them and cover the red painted toenails with little drops of cum. Sounds pretty low maintenance to me, just foot fucking, have at it. Foot fetish is around the most popular fetish people call about, sometimes wearing stockings, others prefer the bare foot.

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