Been A While, Has It?


While it is true many callers are married and just not getting much if any sex, some are indeed single and cannot seem to get a girlfriend, or are socially awkward and it’s just likely not going to happen. Some are also with disabilities and not really “dateable”, or “fuckable” as the case may be, so phone sex is an option for them to have some sort of interaction with the opposite sex if they are determined they will not go to an escort for various reasons.

Living the solitary sexual life is the norm for many callers. The husbands who haven’t had sex with their wives in twenty years, yet refuse to leave them, I’m convinced most men seem to prefer cold bitches since so many seem to be with ones and hold on for dear life to them, it’s bizarre. Some are older and just never gotten lucky, they are in many cases educated, have decent jobs, yet female companionship eludes them. Phone sex takes their masturbation to the next level and is a female voice encouraging them to masturbate, talking with them about their deep, dark fantasies that they cannot or will not share with their partners even if they are having a sex life with them.

So many sex starved individuals out there that masturbation is their only release. Porn has its place in many of their lives, not a doubt, but porn is not interactive. One caller last night went to a strip club and called me when he got home, he said the dancers were not in the slightest bit arousing and he was thinking of calling me when he got home the entire night for that personalized experience. The dancers were indeed live and somewhat interactive, but it wasn’t that one on one personalized talk about what gets him going like phone sex is. So if you’re craving a female voice and some naughty talk, give phone sex a try!

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