Hand Job Heaven


What could be a sexier introduction to your new partner than some kissing and a hand job? Rather than jumping right to fucking, maybe let the tension build a bit and not give them everything al at once. A hand job can be a very sex and basic way to get your guy off. No fear of pregnancy or disease, and some guys genuinely love a good, well performed hand job that makes them cum hard.

Some guys have even been known to practice a technique where they sit on the hand they masturbate with and make it go numb, then jerk off and it’s supposed to feel like someone else is giving it to you since you can’t feel your own hand. Masturbating with your non dominant hand is also a version of that, but it can feel clumsy and doesn’t work for many of us. Yes, I’ve tried it, it lasted around two minutes before I gave up. So people enjoy feeling someone else’s hand on them, so a well executed hand job will endear you to them.

Don’t always feel you have to just straight to oral and intercourse, they are down the road, enjoy the journey. A caller once hand me describe a hand job for over twenty minutes, it was a very repetitious call. How many ways are there to describe up and down, stroke it hard, faster, slower, wow, it was boring as fuck, but he seemed happy with it, so that’s the only thing that matters.

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