My Faggot Husband


My faggot husband has been fighting to get out of the closet for years. First it started with cuckold, then forced bi, now full fledged faggotry. He was so used to licking cum out of my pussy that other men had deposited there, it was his favorite sexual act, to perform. I was sick of his small, useless penis, so I told him it was going to be filled with a real man’s cock from now on, not his puny excuse for a dick. He didn’t argue me one bit on the point.

I started bringing guys home and he’d listen while sitting downstairs, then he’d watch from the closet, how pathetic and wormlike he is! After they’d leave and I’d be all spent and filled with their jizz, he’d nestle his face between my thighs and lick out every single drop of that cum, sometimes I’d straddle his face and feel is slide out of my cunt onto his tongue. I’m sure you can guess what the next step was.

Him getting cum right from the source, their cock. Sucking dick to get it hard fro his wife’s pussy, then cleaning it off after they’d fucked me, he would get hard when I’d announce they were on their way over, he couldn’t want to fluff them up and watch them pound my pussy in a way he sure couldn’t. I had to hold his head the first few times he took that cock, but it wasn’t long until he was relishing sucking cock. Some of my bulls even called me up laughing that he’d called them up and asked if he could come over just to suck their cocks! He soon couldn’t get enough of it. What a supreme faggot he is.

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