Stretch Me Open Wide


One of my callers, well many of them, but this one in particular, are obsessed with big, black cock. They themselves have a tiny cock and love the thought of being dominated and fucked by a huge cock that is three times the size of them and their puny cock.

This one caller has huge dildos he uses in between times when he sees various black men he find online to meet and fuck for real life encounters and he loves to call me up and tell me about his exploits with these men he finds and has sex with. Of course no one in his real life knows he has such attractions to other men or black men in particular, so I’m sort of a confessional to him and a comforting voice to him as he tells me all about his secret shenanigans with black men.

Sucking them, allowing them to fuck him, and he’s shown me some of their pics and they are indeed hung like horses some of them, he said it can take him up to a solid week to “shrink down” to normal ass size he’s been stretched out so much by some of them. The various toys he has he practices with for a couple of weeks before to loosen up with. He emails me porn links to watch of various black guys he finds attractive and then he likes me to comment on them, he is one of many that has deep attraction to the alpha male that is black. More white men than people realize are into this sort of fantasy.

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