Kiss My Feet


Many a foot fetishist has feet on the brain during the summer months. After all, the ladies feet are out more than at other times of the year. I must confess, I usually only bother with painting my toenails during the summer months when they will be on display for others to see in flip flops. They are comfortable and do show off the feet and for guys into foot jobs and foot fetishes of all sorts, it’s a season long display to them. For some it’s more arousing than if all the women were gong around topless at this time of year, those tender tootsies on display is as hot as they could want.

One the other day mentioned his bare foot fetish he has, seeing ladies with bare feet like at the beach, and this time of year he about has a constant hardon from all the ladies feet that are exposed. The teasing of sandals, with pretty painted toenails peeking out, ones they are imagining going up and down on their cock. Foot jobs, the squishing of balls, feeling those toes caress up and down on their cocks. Ones that want them run all over their face, sucking the toes. One frequently calls that seems more concerned with the smell. As in dirty. He wants to |lick that cheese between those toes.” Oh, how very charming.

I’m not sure how long it might take for “cheesy feet” to get that way, I’m afraid to find out. Some guys however can’t wait to lick and suck away at them no matter how dirty gross or disgusting. Not many people have pretty feet, so to ones that do be grateful and do show them off as long as you can. Before nail polish was invented, feet were a whole lot less attractive for sure. So keep them moisturized, who among us hasn’t gagged at some woman in sandals that has feet like a an unkempt donkey in need of hoof repair, with grey, cracked soles and heels that should be covered up? Yuck. If you’re going to show them, at least take care of them, moisturize, removed dead skin and polish.

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