Show Offs


When people think of exhibitionists, they usually think of men. Flashers, raincoats, parks, on the street. Lots of ladies though enjoy being show offs as well. You think every “accidental” nipple slip or bend over with no panties on wasn’t meant to be seen? Making things look like an accident is part of the fun.

Callers often ask if I go out without panties on, I have, usually more because I hadn’t done the laundry rather than because of some chance at being seen with my skirt blowing up. Once I went to the store with a raincoat on and not a stitch on underneath, that was fun! I always wonder if anyone wondered why they couldn’t see any blouse at the top or a skirt at the bottom, but everything was covered with the buttons done up, so I had no worries of being found indecent. I have accidentally flashed someone when I went out without panties and I slipped on some ice and oh oh….I did the splits in the snow and I think the cab driver across the street got an eyeful.

Some girls absolutely go out with to sheer of a top on and no bra underneath, some even love to masturbate in their cars and have drivers in higher vehicles look on in, like a bus driver or truck driver. There’s just as many naughty girls out there that love to be spied on being naughty and teasing their pussy, or being caught with no underwear on. Recall a few years ago Britney Spears and Paris Hilton both being photographed getting out of cars with mini skirts and no panties? You seriously think they didn’t know there would be photographers waiting for them? Come on…Some gals like to show off, simple as that.

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