Aww, It’s So Cute!


So many callers have small penises, most are ashamed and embarrassed and are calling for small penis humiliation, some on the other hand seem to feel no shame and feel their tiny appendages are in fact “cute.” One such caller the other day said his little 4 1/2 inch cock was thought of as cute by the lovers he’s had and how talented he is at oral sex. Most seem to claim such oral talents, since they know their little cocks are not really going to be good for much.

He said very few ladies have been able to get off with his undersized cock, but a few had and guess what, it was skinny too! I started laughing at that point, but he didn’t seem deterred. Said it was his, he loved it, it gave him pleasure and many women liked his cute wittle pee pee too……awwwwww. He asked if I’d been with a guy with such a tiny penis and I had to say I honestly had not, I was glad that hadn’t been a problem I’d had to deal with.

I guess if they have no such issues with it, fine, maybe they are happier in life than guys that literally cry over their sad life because of their pitiful cocks. Many have cried on the phone over how a normal sized penis would have made their lives more normal, the embarrassing events they have lived through, being taunted by peers in locker rooms, rejected by women, it’s a sad situation they can’t really do anything about, so I guess good for them if they are ok with their lot. Most men are not and it’s a huge burden for them their whole lives to contend with.

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