Sasquatch Snatch For You

Some callers love a hairy pussy, others shaved, some don’t mind either way, but the ones that love hairy almost seemed offended to be presented with a shaved pussy, like a great part is missing to them. A caller told me about a favorite experience of his with his girlfriend.

He loves to give oral sexy and he’s not one for needing his lady to be shower fresh either, he said one of the reasons he loves pubic hair is how it retains the smells. He said he likes a woman to taste like a real woman, not soap. He doesn’t even mind the lingering odors of a bit of urine in her hair. He loves to lay between her legs and feel the hairs tickle his nose as he’s burying his face between her hairy pussy lips, her little jungle he likes to comb his fingers through. Opening those furry lips and teasing her well hidden clit that’s concealed behind the mountains of thick pubic hair that smells of her sex, little droplets of her moisture clinging to the tips of the hair.

Delving his tongue through the fur to lap at her and hold her cunt lips apart to get to her swollen pinkness. He likes the feeling of the hairs grazing against his face as she squirms underneath him, grabbing his hair in her right hand and just mashing his face in deeper as she bucks against him fucking his face and covering him with her juices and stray hairs that cling to his face and get stuck in his teeth. He revels in her natural hairiness and odors, it makes him as hard as a rock and ready to fuck that furry muff after her eats her out. He so does enjoy that natural woman…

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