Reverse Cuckold


Normally cuckold callers are white, they want to watch their women get fucked by other guys, not too hard to understand. Many have very small cocks that are unable to please their women. Some also want the guy their woman is fucking to be black, as so the legend goes, most black guys will have a bigger cock than the average white male.

This week though I had a caller that was black, and he doesn’t have an extra large cock. It is average size for a white guy, around 6 inches, but he feels this is just too small for a black man. He was laughing at humiliations he’s suffered in the past when white women that were into black guys and big black cocks saw him naked and were a bit shocked. They were expecting nine or more inches and he just didn’t have it or anywhere near it. He said he wanted to be made to suck a white guy off with a huge cock, this would really put him in his place.

Sort of a reverse cuckold, racial humiliation combination. He was laughing the entire call thinking how funny it would be to be on his knees sucking a big, white dick, that his former girlfriends would love to see him like this. Being the submissive to the white. Some big 6’4 white guy with a nine incher fucking his face and making him gag as he swallowed and slurped away on it. So cuckold goes both ways it seems, it’s not just the whites that want to suck on big, black cock, some of the blacks are thinking of being humiliated by big, white dick as well.

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