The Generous Dom


My boyfriend has always been a bit dominant with me in the bedroom, and I’ve always responded beautifully to it. He had me buy some toys for us to try, some floggers, chains, ball gag. I wasn’t sure about this stuff, but I’m always willing to try new things. He has always liked me to call myself his whore, his slut and it always sent a shiver through my body when I did. It excited me a lot. These toys just brought things to a whole new level.

He handcuffed me to the bed posts and placed the ball gag in my mouth and then blindfolded me. I didn’t know what to expect, I felt his tongue going up the inside of my thigh, making his way to my pussy. I flinched when he reached it and opened my cunt lips with it. I was already dripping wet as I felt it tease my clit. I tried to reach down to him, but of course I was fully restrained and only could twist slightly and get his tongue in a tiny wee bit deeper, it increased my pleasure.

He then got up and I felt the flogger across my tits, my nipples were fully erect and stung at the lashes across my breasts. Yet it aroused me as well and I felt close to cumming. He put down the flogger and resumed his attentions on my cunt and it didn’t take but a few more licks of his tongue to send me over that edge and be orgasming right underneath him. He was a generous Dom, who loved to make me cum, but on his terms and his way never disappointed me.

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