Feet in the Face

I placed my feet on his face. My feet had not been washed for three days. He paid me extra for that. He inhaled their aroma and I could see the bulge in his pants growing by the second. I managed to stuff one toe right up his nostril. I thought he might cum in his pants right then. He was so aroused, so turned on. He’d been my foot slave for several years and owned many pair of my nylons, socks and shoes and slippers. He was a foot perv from way back, and he loved the smell of dirty feet more than anything in the world.

He reached down and began to stroke his cock as my feet were practically suffocating him. His breathing became labored as he got more aroused and I kept my stinky feet over his nose. I laughed at his trying harder to breathe. He could of course move my feet at any time if he wanted to, but he kept them there, impeding his breathing. I could see his hand moving faster and faster up and down his hard, dripping shaft. The smell of my feet was driving him more and more crazy by the moment.

I commanded him to lick the soles of my feet and between my toes. It tickled as I felt him moving his wet tongue between them, but the taste combined with the smell was moving him closer and closer to orgasm. It was amusing watching him writhe on the floor with his face covered up with my feet as his hand became a blur on his cock, moving up and down so quickly. We went through this exact routine every few weeks, and he never tired of it. Soon his cum shot out of his cum in long, white arcs up into the air before mostly landing on his belly. He sure did love my stinky feet.

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