Bath Tub Blow Job

My boyfriend like most guys, loves a good blow job. One thing he particularly enjoys though, is getting one while in the bath tub. The being surrounded by warm water, being tended to and catered to, it’s all just sheer heaven to him, and I love to indulge him often. Last night I had a nice bath drawn for us when he arrived. He’s always very prompt, so I knew the timing would work out just perfectly. I had him stripped down and in that bath in minutes of his arrival. He smiled as soon as I told him I’d drawn a bath for us.

I love going down on him, but I’m also a bit of a germaphobe, so going down on him literally right after I’ve scrubbed him clean is my favorite time to do it to him as well, so it works out perfectly for the both of us. I am happy to give him a good scrubbing then a good tongue lashing with my hot, wet tongue on his still wet cock. I will deep throat that shaft as much as I can, and I’d bet he’s a good seven inches. He never tires of me sucking him off.

Once when we were at a hotel with an extra deep tub, I tried to do it by going under the water, but I nearly drowned, it didn’t work out and was not very sexy, though he got a good laugh out of my underwater attempts at oral pleasuring. I find it best when I’m not under the water, and can control it all. I stroke him, get him rock hard, then begin my oral lovemaking skills on his hardened cock. I will even swallow when he’s like this, which I know he adores. Tub time is fun time, you should try it yourself.

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