Servicing Older Men

I cannot even count all the phone sex callers that want to suck cock, they are just too many to count.Another called today that had been craving cock for year, he’d sucked cock once years ago and never been able to put it out of his mind, so three months ago he answered an ad on Craigslist by a man double his age and he was looking for regular cock sucking services, well they hit it off and he was telling me how it started as weekly, but is now nearly daily.

He just services this older man, he himself never gets sucked, and the guy won’t even let him masturbate as he’s sucking him off. He’s only there to provide pleasure. The old guy went out of town for the day and he even locked the younger one that sucks him off up in a chastity device so he cannot even masturbate, he wants him to be extra horny when he gets to suck him again when the old guy returns. He said when he called he was literally dripping pre cum, the panties he wore were soaked with it and he said the only way he might be able to cum was if he stuck a vibrator up his ass for a prostate orgasm.

He was so horny and wanting so bad for the guy to come back so he could suck his cock again and then go home and jerk off, no way to cum until then. He obviously likes it though or he wouldn’t allow himself to be locked up like that. He loves older men and sucking their dicks, but this particular guy has some sort of control over him and skull fucks him as he said, gagging him with his cock nearly daily. He cannot get enough.

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