Aunty Sucked His Cock

This caller of mine was telling me how his aunt was the one who gave him his first blow job. He said he used to stay over at her house sometimes when his parents would go away for the weekend. If only they had known they were delivering him into the hands of a horny, debauched older woman, they’d never have entrusted her with him. He said it was the greatest sexual education he could have ever hoped for and he loved going over there. He said his parents would barely be pulling out of the driveway before she’d be pulling down his jeans to get at his young cock.

He said she started off slowly of course, with a handjob before bed. Checking on him and wanting to see how he was “maturing” as she’d put it and she’d slip her hand under the covers and feel his rock hard cock and begin to work it in her hand and soon he’d shoot his load. Then she began with the blow jobs and when he first felt a warm, wet pair of lips around his shaft, he was in heaven and he loved every second of it. She didn’t let it progress to fucking, but there were countless hand and blow jobs.

He said one weekend there were nearly ten, he nearly lost count and she loved to push him to his limits. He was just in his early teens at the time, always hard and ready to go, so he needed little encouragement to engage in her naughty activities. Her sister, his mother, never found out what her older sister was doing to her son, but he was grateful, so he never breathed a word of it to a soul. It went on for years until she moved too far away to see often and he has fond memories of those weekends to this very day.

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