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He Watched His Parents

A man called today and said when he was in his teens he found an old VHS videotape of his parents having sex when they were younger. He said his dad had always been a big one for taping everything … Continue reading

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Watch Me Use Your Panties

My roommate’s brother was staying with us for a few weeks since his place was under going some renovations and he had nowhere to stay until they were finished, so we agreed he could stay with us rather than pay … Continue reading

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Katoptronophilia – Mirror Sex

One fetish some might say is for the vain is mirror sex. Having sex with another person or masturbating in front of a mirror. Honestly, the idea seems quaint now, as so many people are just bypassing the mirror altogether … Continue reading

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Let Me Show You Something…

Lots of people like to watch, the voyeurs, and many people like to show, the exhibitionists. The thing is how to get them together so the ones that like to watch are looking at the ones who like to show. … Continue reading

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