Let Me Show You Something…


Lots of people like to watch, the voyeurs, and many people like to show, the exhibitionists. The thing is how to get them together so the ones that like to watch are looking at the ones who like to show. They are like opposites sides of the same coin. Ones that enjoy watching, usually get the thrill out of the fact that the ones they are observing don’t know they are being watched, they like that it’s not supposed to be happening.

The ones that like to show also enjoy exposing themselves to ones that do not wish to see them, the shock value at exposing themselves. The naked under the raincoat and flash-ooops there it is! Sadly most that like to show really do not have fitness magazine worthy bodies to begin with, they are usually average or less looking individuals that just like to shock the unsuspecting people they expose themselves to.

I read recently about a lady that liked to do housecleaning in the nude on the first floor so anyone that happened on by her windows might get a surprise, and a man that enjoyed masturbating in front of his open windows as well. Technically they are on their own property, so anyone looking in would be doing the invading, but they are certainly making it easy for ones to discover them, which is what they want to happen to give them a little thrill. It’s all fairly harmless I guess, but spying on people that don’t know it is a bit creepy, but I’m betting most of would given the chance, wouldn’t we?

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