Cum Eaters Rejoice


I can’t even count the number of times over the years a guy has asked me to make him eat his own cum. Nearly as many times, they are unable to do so since once they actually do, the desire is gone and they can’t do it. I always say, what’s the worst you’d have to do, brush your teeth or use some mouthwash? It’s seriously not that big of a deal, yet they can’t do it in most cases.

I can’t speak for other women, I don’t know how many have licked their own juices after or during masturbating themselves. I don’t think it’s odd to try it once in a while, after all, we all are curious, but to do it all the time is a bit different. There are however some guys that have no problem licking back every drop of their cum, ones that relish squirting it on their chest and scooping it up with their fingers to get it all up. Others who are flexible enough that can get up on their haunches and aim it towards their own mouth, I hear from them too.

Most that do it have to use their hands or fingers though. Some go the extra mile and actually cum into a shot glass and drink it back or even cum into a condom and slurp it out of there. The guys that can’t ever go through with it, I always say, oh yeah, but you expect the ladies giving you a blow job to swill it down like champagne, don’t they now.

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