Listen To Me……

Some people are very auditory. They don’t get off on visual depictions like porn or naughty pics, they get off on sex sounds. I’ve had some blind clients and it amazes me how much they are capable of when they can’t even see. Some of them are quite into phone sex and erotic audios as they masturbate. Some sites online are especially made for blind users with their erotic audios and laid out to be easy to navigate with their screen reader software they use. I can’t fathom how they can use a computer, my hat’s off to them.

Sex sounds can turn you on in mere seconds if they are the type you like and go wild for. Some that breathe just so or moan just right, it can quickly set your pulse racing and your pussy dripping and cock throbbing. The voice of one we find attractive, even if we have only ever heard their voice, it can drive us over the edge to ecstasy. The way one can drive us wild with the tone of their voice and their sounds, there’s simply nothing like it. Phone sex and erotic audios can be better any day than porn can to some of us.

Some callers have told me a good phone sex masturbation session can be the next best thing to actual sex for them. The intimacy you can feel with another person knowing they are masturbating just for you is a real turn on. To talk to someone in such a sexy and uninhibited manner is a real treat from the everyday!

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