Keep Your Eyes Peeled

Now this next fetish has varying reports whether it is real or a fake. I’ve seen articles claiming it’s fake, but there’s so many pictures out there, it seems people are doing it. What exactly are they supposed to be doing? Well the latest craze is apparently licking each others eyeballs. That’s right folks, not their other balls further south, but their eyeballs. Now doesn’t that sound sexy and appealing? Ripe for infection, as the mouth is a hotbed of bacteria, the human bite has more germs than a dog’s.

I flip out when I get a a cat hair in my eye I have to try and get out, or an eyelash. Lightly grazing my fingertip across my eye is not a pleasant thing to do, but someone else’s tongue? Oh lord no…So now going to school with a hickey isn’t good enough to show ones our lovers love us and we allow them to suck on and bite us, now we need eye patches and pink eye to show we really allowed our lovers to have their way with us? Bizarre is one word that comes to mind, but then there are ones into licking every orifice we own, ones into ass licking, ear wax, pee drinking, so for ones that do all that, is it REALLY that far fetched?

Most hearing about this fetish wouldn’t work in the line of work that phone sex operators do and wouldn’t hear all the insane stuff we do, so to us, it honestly doesn’t sound like much of a stretch. If some guy wants to go down on you during your period, is licking your eye not a step above? I can’t see it feeling good for the one being licked though, we by nature do not want anything coming at our eyes. We naturally flinch and close our eyes if something is tossed our way to protect ourselves. So I cannot say if this is a true fetish or not, but I’m thinking somewhere, some time, this has indeed happened. I’ve heard enough to know there’s weird stuff going on we don’t even want to know about.

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