Can I Roll You Around Naked In A Barrel?

Fetishes are odd things, we never know quite what it is that sets one off in most cases. Yes, some guys have that “ahh haa” moment where they realize the starting point for one. I have had a few that mentioned a scene in a movie, or something that happened to them that planted the seed. Sometimes an embarrassing incident is what set them off.

When a guy presents me with odd scenarios, I often wonder where such odd thoughts originated from. One asked me, if I’d mind if he rolled me around naked in a barrel, or if I’d mind if he put me in a barrel of paint and then gave me a bath and then took me out for dinner. Hey, at least he was thinking he’d buy the poor girl a meal after her ordeal of being soaked in paint! That man was a character for sure. One of the times he asked if he could hang me upside down, wrap my head in bandages and fill my pussy with honey and jam-all while I was of course suspended from the ceiling with chains around my ankles. Sounds like a lot of fun, eh?

He was also a virgin in his 60’s that lived with his mom and a collection of ferrets, so I’d say he had other issues. Callers certainly call for other reasons than to call about sex. Some have the craziest thoughts they wouldn’t dare unload on a psychiatrist, yet they feel free to share with we phone girls. It’s interesting to hear such crazy things that we couldn’t make up in a million years.

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