Lusting After Mom

It goes without saying, a lot of callers “love” mom. I don’t mean in the normal way either, they want to love mommy alright, as in cum in her pussy and fuck her brains out. Many have been masturbating to her and taking her panties for years as it is. Ones that had single mom’s, many times if she brought men home they’d listen to her getting fucked down the hall and be jerking off at the same time as she was getting pounded by her boyfriend. Even ones that had a father at home, I’ve heard from several that enjoyed standing outside of their bedroom door and listening as they jerked off.

Some that were caught masturbating by mom have had decades of sexual fantasies that resulted from that. Even if it resulted in humiliation and punishment, sometimes especially if it did. I’ve found many younger guys that love the cougars are sometimes thinking of gals not just as the sexy, older woman, but they will often slip and call me mommy during a call. So while they may not start out saying they desire a mommy call, that is indeed what they are aiming for and it comes out. The more sexually knowledgeable older woman can be very appealing to a young man, and intimidating at the same time.

Some want to watch mommy get fucked, either by daddy or another man and join in and clean up mommy’s pussy and be a good boy for them. It certainly seems there are more guys that want to fuck mom, than girls that want to fuck dad. Not quite sure why that is, but mommy has done a number on many guys I have spoken to. The decades of manipulations and control go very deep. They often seek a partner that reminds them of her in her personality if not her looks as well.

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