For ones that are aroused by hermaphrodites, they need not only depend on medical pics online anymore, they can enjoy their peculiar indulgence with cartoon hermaphrodites as well, known as “Futanari” or futa for short. Basically cartoon chicks with dicks. Anime and magna are pornographic cartoons that are quite popular in Japan, leave it to the Japanese to come up with such an obscure concept as hermaphrodite cartoons.

In days of old, like Shakespeare times, all roles in plays were played by men, so cross dressing and role reversals are certainly not unheard of in the realms of entertainment by any means. Dressing up is obviously your choice, to be born a hermaphrodite is mother nature. The medical trend used to be more surgical alteration as a child to make the child male or female so they could live a life as one or the other. Now the trend is to letting the child decide when they are older if they’d like to be altered or just stay as they are.

Futa is not just animated cartoons, it’s popular for video games and comic books as well. In the West, it’s not as common to have sexually graphic comics, it’s just not arousing to most of us compared to a porn movie or pictures of an actual person. It does have its fans though, and many chat sites will often have a futa room for ones there to go chat in, or they will have avatars of some of the popular comic characters that look female yet have cocks.

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