BBC Superiority And The White Man

One of my clients that only orders audios, never calls, writes long, elaborate stories of how he’s been made to feel inadequate his entire life by black men and their enormous cocks. He feels due to their size alone, these men should be worshiped by men and women alike as specimens of physical perfection. How ever could he and his 2 inch cock possibly ever compare in any way, shape or form? He can’t.

Many men do feel inadequate in the cock size department, especially with the usually much larger endowed black guys. The scenarios he comes up with for these stories are often hilarious, how the white boys are turned into lackeys for the men with real man sized cocks and how they make them do degrading things. Not all cuckold calls involve black men as the studs or bulls that are fucking the wife, but they certainly do make their appearances in calls a good amount. Some men are convinced no woman could desire anything but a big, black cock in comparison to what most white guys have to offer them.

To a timid white guy with a smaller than average cock, they may have been intimidated by some types like this in the past. Many blacks are superior athletes, imagine the timid white boy being always outpaced in gym class by the black students, then to see the comparison in the showers of the, um, cock size differences. It’s enough to give some men a complex, and I hear about it when they call with fantasies of their wives turning to big, black cock behind their backs. Some even surrender to the BBC and want to suck it themselves, as the ultimate in submission.

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