Phone Sex & Drugs

Many like to enhance their sexual experiences with drugs or alcohol to heighten the sensations. Ask any phone girl, we love the drunks and the druggies because they stay on longer and are happy just to do more lines of coke or drink more. The drunks are more fun, they often can’t even get hard due to the old “whiskey dickie” issue, but they try, lord knows they try!

The coke druggies are so hyper, they are hard to deal with at times, depending on what they are using though. One used to take something at the start of a call and he was a long caller, for hours, and around 45 minutes in you could hear his words starting to slur and he’d start repeating the same stories over and over again. They get hornier at times by using, but by the same token, the substances are making them not be able to get hard and do what they want so they can’t cum in most cases.

Alcohol can without a doubt make you feel both more relaxed and hornier, but even for the ladies, it can make it oh so much harder to achieve orgasm. You just have to test things out and see what your I’ve had enough and am horny now, but I can still cum limit is, it’s different for everyone. Some drugs like Ecstasy are feel good drugs, so ones want to make a good experience even better. Always a risky balance. Know your limits.

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