Ballet Slipper Fetish

Shoes are one thing that many men have a fetish about, shoes and feet. Some are very specific as to the kinds of footwear they fantasize about though. Boots for some, stilettos for many others. I recently learned of one kind of shoe fetish I hadn’t been aware of before, ballerina slippers. If there’s an item in existence, you can be sure someone, somewhere, is fantasizing about it. I know the pointing your toes thing is a turn on to many men, I’ve had more than one man ask me to “point my toes like a ballerina”.

You do tend to point your toes involuntarily as your in the throes of sexual pleasure, I find. I do it to the point of leg pain and leg cramping, you can’t really help it. In any case, ones into ballet slipper fetish get quite turned on at the satiny slippers and ribbons that wrap around the legs going upwards…Most gals into ballet are younger, thinner and in good shape, so of course guys would think that appealing. Some of the gals are painfully thin though, and certainly not curvy, but it seems to be the slippers themselves and not the person wearing them.

They must imagine their cocks rubbing against the satiny fabric of the smooth slippers as they’d shoot their gooey load all over them. Cumming on the item can be very arousing for them. Or if it belongs to a girl they really desire they stand little chance with, it’s the next best thing to having the actual girl, to have an item of theirs, like ones that steal panties and cum in them.

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