Granny’s Hairy Pussy

Many ladies feel insecure as they age and become less appealing to most men. Most men find women most attractive in their childbearing years, the younger the better. There are however those that appreciate an older woman. Much older, older even than cougar age, like granny age. I talked to a caller the other night that wanted to be a teen in his fantasy, yet the object of his desire wasn’t mommy as is popular, but granny.

Granny with a grey, hairy pussy that was going to seduce her young grandson and make him a man. I’ve certainly done some granny calls, the really older gals do have their fans. One is quite obsessed with his 85 year old neighbor and he badly wants her, it’s quite bizarre. I’ve had several that have told me they have been with women in their 70’s, and there’s no worries of pregnancy anymore and they just go to town on these old gals. Many women at that age wouldn’t have the desire for sex anymore, but I guess some always will, no matter the age.

GILF porn is increasing in popularity, that’s GILF for “Grandma I’d Like to Fuck”, less known than the MILF, “Mom I’d Like to Fuck.” It’s good for the egos of us ladies that are sadly not having time stand still for us. I guess all the decades of sexual experience the older women have is an asset, as well as the us knowing what we want and going for it, unlike a younger, unsure girl possibly into head games. Many young men have revealed they have little patience with girls their own age and far prefer an older woman. Not always grandma age mind you, but older and wiser and more experienced.

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