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Horny BBW Seniors

Now there was an usual call the other day I had combining two fetishes. BBW, which is fairly common, and older women. This caller thought wanted the extremes of both. Women nearly four hundred pounds, and into their nineties. You … Continue reading

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Grandma’s Get Horny Too

Grandma’s get horny too, some of them anyway. They might slow down a bit, but for ladies that had a high sex drive when they were younger, they are often still feeling frisky in their older years. Not all guys … Continue reading

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The Older The Better

Twice in the last day men under thirty have called and mentioned they’d slept with women nearly seventy years old, and they loved it. The older woman younger man dynamic has always been a popular fantasy for many younger men, … Continue reading

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Granny’s Hairy Pussy

Many ladies feel insecure as they age and become less appealing to most men. Most men find women most attractive in their childbearing years, the younger the better. There are however those that appreciate an older woman. Much older, older … Continue reading

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