Grandma’s Get Horny Too

Grandma’s get horny too, some of them anyway. They might slow down a bit, but for ladies that had a high sex drive when they were younger, they are often still feeling frisky in their older years. Not all guys are only looking to fuck college age girls, you’d be surprised how many men call and say they’ve had experiences with significantly older women, not even just women their mom’s age, but ones their grandma’s age. Some will speak of early experiences where they spied on grandma and jerked off to her as they watched her change or get out of the tub.

Some that have that fetish also are really into the old style old fashioned underwear like girdles and long line bras that look like suits of armor almost, the very plain, old types women of today just do not wear. Thing they would have gotten glimpses of from many decades ago. Sometimes they will reveal an older neighbor they helped with something was the first really older woman they had an experience with. One caller has fantasies about his grandmother to this day, even though she’s been dead for decades and he himself is in his sixties.

He likes to think of grandma sucking his cock, taking nude pics of him, touching his little “pee pee” and making her grandson cum. It’s always a bit shocking when a man reveals he’s got the hots for a woman his grandmother’s age, or that he’s already bedded a woman in her seventies or eighties, but they do reveal this once in a while. I can appreciate that a college girl would not have the sexual experience of a woman in her eighties, but the looks alone, yikes, but hey, some just go for pussy no matter what. Others have even said the older lady wanted it more than they did and was disappointed when they moved on, it was probably the first time they’d had any attention in decades, then the curious and adventuresome young lad disappears and no more nookie for grandma.

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