Sleeping Nude

I’m not sure how many people sleep in the nude, but I’m surprised it’s not everyone, since it’s the most comfortable way to sleep. If you or your partner sleep nude, it also makes for easy access. Years ago this lady told me she and her husband slept in the nude and it “was just like Adam and Eve.” I was only a very young teen when she told me this and it was hard not to burst out laughing, even though I myself have slept in the nude most of my life. It just seemed a funny thing to say to someone.

Skin against skin can certainly be erotic and if you wake up, sleepy, half awake sex can be fun and dream like and surreal the next day. It can make masturbation easier for guys that wake up hard and want to pump out a quick one before starting their day as well. Nudity even when alone can be fun and arousing and I cannot recommend it highly enough. It just feels fun and natural to be nude, and it’s surprising the number of single male callers that reveal when they come home from work, the clothes come off and they are nude most of the time at him. Sadly some have felt the need to send photographic evidence of this, lol.

Most are calling in the nude, though some have just pulled their pants around their ankles or knees for a quick rub of their dick. Imagine sleeping with your loved one and you notice they have a hard on, just slip that hand down and begin to rub that cock and he will soon wake up and be feeling mighty sex towards you, and wonderful sex can ensue. There’s always a fun time to be had when you sleep in the nude with your partner.

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