Lovey Dovey in The Tub

Who doesn’t love a nice, romantic bath with candles, bubbles and their partner? It can be a wonderful and inexpensive way to spice up your night and lead to a hot night of passionate lovemaking. Scrub each other up and dry each other off to get romantic and kiss each other all over once you’re kissably clean, sounds hot, doesn’t it? It’s surprising at times to hear callers talk about any kind of romance, since they usually are just the slam, bam, thank you ma’am variety, but once in a while, you do find a romantic one calling wanting to talk about all kinds of romantic scenarios.

It’s always a pleasure to get one like that, and hear how they would like to sweep a lady off her feet and make all kinds of grand overtures to them and have them respond in kind. I love to think of a romantic night like that, a beautiful dinner, maybe a massage after the bath, them rubbing fragrant oils all over your body. Those massage candles that you burn then pour the heated oil off of them and use on one another are very sexy. They smell fantastic and are low temperature burn, so you won’t burn yourself with the oil being too hot.

Of course those slick hands will wander down to the naughty, more sensual parts to caress them and tease them, and you will soon find yourself exploding with orgasm or giving your partner an orgasm. Just enjoying one another and the simple physical sensations that come from a sensual hot bubble bath and a massage from your partner can be a wonderful way to spend time with one another and not spend a lot of money, and it brings you closer together as well. The best things in life really can be free.

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