Fart On Me, Mistress

One of my most frequent callers has a fart fetish, it’s literally all he talks about. The face sitting, the farting, the gassy foods one would eat to produce the most smelly gas. He said if a girlfriend wouldn’t fart in his face, he’d likely leave her. It is some serious fart addiction this guy has that sex without farting is no kind of sex for him. Most women would be mortified to fart in a guy’s face if they were being gone down on, this one would not only encourage such behavior, but expect it!

It’s hard not to laugh when this guy calls, I usually do, since the conversation is so absurd. I said it’s fun and games until you lose consciousness from lack of oxygen, lol. Being stuck under the covers as fart after fart blows over you. One of his latest fixations is if I was fucking another guy in front of him, riding the guys face, having him lick me, fart guy is not allowed to lick pussy, only smell ass, and he’s in a box in the corner with only his nose sticking out and then I go over to the box and sit on his nose and blast away.

He knows he’s not a real man, so he’s not allowed to fuck me and kept most of the time in a cock cage, but his nose is always ready to receive my farts. The things said on these calls are not to be believed, but hey, if that’s what turns you on, it’s harmless enough, just kinda weird. Not sure how many willing females out there would be willing to regularly indulge a man in such a fetish, if you can find one, good luck. Keep her and have her fart away to your hearts content.

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