It’s How Big???

Some of the things callers tell you on the phone are quite ridiculous and not to be believed they are so outlandish. Hey, it’s their dime, let them talk about their fantasies if they want. One yesterday said he’d watched his wife get fucked by another man, ok, not too out there, cuckold happens, but when he said yup, the other man’s cock was eighteen, yes eighteen, inches long, I then was rolling my eyes and trying to keep from laughing as I said, “Uh huh,” sure it’s eighteen inches.

Tales like this are surprisingly common for men that call phone sex lines. You just need to divide by a number to get the real likely measurement. In his case I’d divide by three, to get six inches. When it’s a guy saying he has a twelve inch cock, then I’d divide by four, meaning it’s likely three inches. You really do need to have a sense of humor in this business, since so much of what you’re told by callers is insane.

They don’t usually want to be called on their lies though, so you just go along with whatever they say and act as though you’re in complete agreement as to what they are telling you. You fucked your mom every night from middle school through college? Ok, sure, sounds interesting. Your cock’s so long you tuck it into the top of your sock? My, you must be really popular with the ladies. It gives you plenty of material to make your friends laugh at when they ask about your latest weird calls. So guys, keep the wild tales coming, it gives us gals answering the phones something memorable and fun to laugh at, and who else in your life is going to give you an audience for these kind of stories?

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