Driving Me Wild

The man I’ve been seeing recently is quite wealthy, so wealthy in fact he doesn’t even drive himself, he has a driver on call around the clock, but he likes to go on long drives. There’s a partition that goes up between the front and back seats for privacy in the back, and he asked me to go on one of these long drives with me, and I agreed. We hadn’t been driving around long when he started to kiss and caress me and run his hand up under my skirt. I wondered if the driver knew what we were up to, I suspected he did, as he’d given me a sly grin when I got in the backseat and he closed the door after me.

I decided to just enjoy the attention I was getting and I felt his fingers slip inside my panties and tease my pussy lips and my clit as he was kissing my neck at the same time. I wrapped my arms around him and could feel an orgasm soon approaching as he worked my clit with his fingers faster and harder. I bit my lip to keep from crying out, and soon he was down on his knees on the car floor in front of me hitching my skirt up to my hips and burying his face between my thighs as the car sped on through the night.

He held open my cunt lips exposing my still stiff clit and he worked his tongue over it, alternating with sucking it and driving me wild. He slipped his tongue inside of me and gently rubbed my clit and I was soon on my way to another orgasm before he’d even placed his cock within me. He made me cum with his mouth and then finally raised up and unzipped his pants and his large, hard cock soon sprang forth and soon slid into me in one thrust. I wrapped my legs around him and enjoyed the long, slow fuck he gave me, and I haven’t a doubt the driver well knew what was going on back there. I came very well, as did he, and we were soon back at his place and went upstairs to shower and then have a lovely late dinner. Car rides can indeed be a lot of fun.

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